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Admissions Procedure

Students may be admitted to QSI Suriname at any time during the school year.  The Admissions Process may vary depending on the conditions at the time of arrival, but generally students are admitted with the following procedure:

  1. Request for admissions information is done by telephone, e-mail or in person.  The Administrative Assistant emails the admissions packet to the family, which includes at least:
    1. Current Information Book
    2. Application
  2. The family meets with the Administrative Assistant and Director as needed.
  3. The application is returned along with the $300 registration fee.
  4. MAP screening tests are scheduled and administered at school.
  5. Results and placement results are reviewed with parents.
  6. First day of school for the student is arranged.
  7. Administrative Assistant updates all QMS records.
  8. Parents’ email addresses are added to the “Parents” distribution list.
  9. Microsoft account is created for the student, if needed.  Login information is shared with the student.
  10. Transportation, lunch, clubs, and any other details are organized.
  11. Within 5 days of starting school, the Administrative Assistant contacts the family to ensure a smooth transition to QSI Suriname.


Why QSI Suriname? 

We follow a Mastery Learning model of education. Students learn at a pace which allows them to develop a high level of proficiency (knowledge, skills, and competencies) in the curriculum that they are studying.
This approach promotes academic rigor and academic success.

Admissions Materials